Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Old Neighbour Fucked My New Wife...

Time was, like, three in the afternoon while at work HAYDAR CALLER DI phone rang, HAYDAR KOMUŞUMDU OLD HAS BEEN ASSIGNED MALATYAYA gone ... I picked up the phone - ABI NASILSIN SAID HELLO - how can you count WOULD TŞK - If you have time BIDETS had names ABI ANKARADAYIM BENDE-HAYDAR ASK FOR YOU SAID Vision, Let's sit down, let's eat COME LIKE I SAID I come home at 6-ROOM BI ABI OK ... so I said I would go wrong MUST IMMEDIATELY VIA my wife - OYA hitch HAZIRLARMISIN HAYDAR ANKARADAYMIŞ I SAID TO HIM TO GO IF undergo DINNER - CNM ROOM SAID OK .. 6 HOURS AS FOOD prepared OYA I got home he was wearing a T-shirt JUST SHORT; on a narrow stretch denim .. I'll be there HAYDAR CALLED AS-ABI're available 10 DAKKAYA 6.30 SAID I SAID OK .. HAYDAR 10 15 MINUTES THEN CAME opened the door, saying hello and shook hands-NASILSIN Yeng table with OYA OYA crossed the hall once Haydaran Chat Fala Fala CHILDREN OF SPOUSE ASKED .. Let's move on OYA WE SAID THEN LET'S DINNER FOOD HAYDARLA passed through the kitchen .. Haydaran BEAT ME BOTH DISHES COME dinner drink our tea balcony, you've gone through the balcony, I woke up ... I SAID smoke Oyada CONTACT SOON AFTER TEA AND ITS JUST BROUGHT ME AND OYAYADA kept them Haydaran YAKTIM LIT CIGARETTE TEA GLASSES HAS LOW FILL OUT A BACK TO RENEW OYA hub while THOROUGHLY engraved TŞÖRTÜ COMPLETE ON THE CORE OF QUINCE had stripped .. Heydar engraved EYES AS WE TALK AGAIN ON QUINCE shifted to the heart of the non-drinking to freshen OYA GLASSES ONE OFTEN who play HAYDAR browsing HUB ON HEP square and when he stood up in the heart of ... NIGHT HOURS WORKING hips shaking her hips like 10 Oyada ABI HAYDAR .. excuse me KALKAYIM HAD BEN SAID SAID-olurmu REGISTER OR NIGHT VISITORS HAYDAR-NO'm gonna go when I came back another time when we say do not bother .. STAY NIGHT VISITORS Oyada-AA HAYDAR ABI morning, we go OL do not disturb the count HAYDAR-YA Yeng OR JUST WHAT NEXT DEVELOPMENT DISORDERS SAID OK staying in OYA-askolsun count HAYDAR DA-NO LONGER HAVE TO ABIDE BY SAID EMRE we laughed ... and I've added a-BAK HAYDAR ORDER FROM BIG NIGHT WE SHALL NOT BE OYA continued to chat CONTACT WHEN WE OFFER WILL BE SAID TO BRING COLD DRINK COKE TYPE BROUGHT soon brought things to a lot of CAKE EATING DRINKING say a cigarette OYA-BEYLER CHAT INSIDE TRACK SUIT PAJAMAS GEÇELİMMİ give you the BENDE IF YOU JUST SAID I wear comfortable things on me. I SAID, AND WE WILL TAKE BENDE SALOON the balcony GLASSES TO TAKE Oyada I stood there, the kitchen is passed into the bedroom; on LOW WAIST SHORT TRACK SUIT HANGER BI BI BI TRACK SUIT AND MY HAND came to the hall wearing a T-shirt with one of TŞÖRTLERİMDEN  such a comfortable wear SUITS YOU SAYING YOU MOVE YA ABI saying HAYDAR a cup of coffee ... and I do YOU ​​PUT THE SEAT ON LEAVING engraved CALLED JUST FEW MINUTES AFTER THE WHITE EŞOFMANINDAN TANGAS NET coffees was obvious BEFORE YOU CAME BACK AND A KÜLLÜKLE Haydaran realized that my bra cup of coffee while ... Feed: ME AFTER THAT sip of coffee cups BUY AGAIN WHEN THE COFFEE non-burnt OYA TO REMOVE BEFORE BUYING KALKTTI Haydar had leaned TANGASININ STRINGS IN SOUGHT AFTER the cup in front of me doggy style TANGAS The possible Haydaran FIRMLY ON AND DAMAGES IN THE RIGHT TRACK SUIT THOROUGHLY had fallen on her hips staring at your ass HAYDAR POLE NOW ... OYA SALINA SALINA engraved cups took me to the kitchen and came back training suit EVER NEED CORRECTION BECAUSE SOME MORE downloaded FRONT HALF VEYADA heard TARAFTANDANDA undergarments sat in the chair ... WE WILL AND TO İNİKTİ Heydar EYE BUT WE OFTEN who play little more shifting CHAT DU LIEU OF NIGHT 12.30 Haydar was like, let's open-Strap-ROOM BY BEN SAID ABI BENDE HAYDAR bed to sleep on sleep olurmu Remove the MORNING WITH SAID I SAID OK .. OYA BROUGHT BED SHEET PILLOW sofa bed in the living room sitting Oyada editing OPENS Haydaran BEN BO GOOD NIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP Turns off the TV went up to say .. Heydar BED BED WHEN OYA passed lay on me by removing a lot of HAFİFTENDE OF LOW EŞOFMANINDAN TANGAS NOT ALREADY NO LONGER slightly sways her hips in the square you'll be comfortable THATS WHEN he asked Haydaran-HAYDAR ABI - Yeng THANK YOU VERY missed SAOL miss SAID he continued, adding Oyada-IMM BİZLERİMİ HAYDAR When we say NO DEĞİŞMESMİŞSİN Yeng still very nice smile OYA-AYY BETWEEN SAID THANK YOU to come to Ankara soon ÖZLEM was chatting OYA BACK WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU miss you so much ... When we say NGE G ÖREVİMİZİN HAYDAR-YE WERE ONE YEAR LEFT ON RETURN IMMEDIATELY. - COME TO EXPECT OR SAID THAT TIME Oyada HAYDARLA OYA spend plenty of time BI 10 15 DAKKADA AFTER LUNCH CHAT .. OYA Haydaran just playing GOOD NIGHT LIGHT UPPER wishing our bedroom door to the room TŞÖRTÜNÜ BLACK GOLD HAS ALREADY DID BRA TANGASINIDA grazed her training suit BLACK GOLD BLACK GOLD BLACK TULLE the drawers in the closet leaning BARE IT WAS JUST TAKING per night per RECEIVES COMPLETE wore bare skin showing for my hips slightly as having COMPLETED UNDER NO BETWEEN İNCECİK BİŞEYDİ we already wore off the light and lay beside me .. LIGHT THE LIGHT OF THE ENVIRONMENT HAYDAR had completed the AMA TV intervening half hour or more in the past we OYA lit WITH LIGHT silently kissed .. OFF THE TV BO BI-BEN SAID LOOK slept HAYDAR OYA - that it were-I thought I'd wanted to see naked awake NOLACAKKİ LAUGHED OR BUT SAID .. CANIM WHETHER SAID .. BUT WILL KNOW WHEN OYA-LOOK AFTER 0 BISEY looks at your pleasure I'm asleep when we say WHATEVER I SAID LET ME SEE UYUDUMU waited some more CALLED WELL SAID .. THUS SAID GO OR REMOVAL BENDE count-BAK .. When we say-you know ... got out of bed and turned to me and said I'm going to miss the opportunity if anything happens Gidiyom SAID .. Come on, I'm asleep I SAID I SAID OK Take your time to exit the bed in our room to swing by throwing Oyada KISS ME JUST STARTED AND ROOM OSC OUT .. Moved toward the door was open SALOON in through a NAKED ON THE INSIDE OF THE COMPLETE THAT ALREADY per TULLE WITH FULL KAPATACAKKEN Haydaran TV YE approached OYA was staring at him with a puzzled looked toward the EDA HAYDAR ABI TV WITH BO-HAYDAR KAPAYACAKTIM IT SAID ON SANDIMDA slept and Haydar AMINA Forgot your boobs looking TRUE COMBINING realizes SUPPOSEDLY AMINI tried to shut his feet. AMCIK ALREADY OBVIOUS POINT OF TULLE swelled overnight MEYDANDAYDI HAYDAR engraved amcığa was obvious looking towards the nozzles - ALSO SAID NO BUT COULD NOT SLEEP Yeng TI engraved NAKED BODY SÜZÜYORDU OSC-I do not sleep eventually ... OR COULD NOT count my sleep I slept SEDAT SIT-HAYDAR sleep until Aunt SAID WE CHAT .. OYA - YA sorrowful count HAYDAR BUT NOW AVAILABLE - AA Yeng askolsun SLIGHTLY enjoy it stood OYA TEREDÜTLÜ SAID PLEASE JUST SAID THAT AFTER MI Haydaran YAKIYIM LIGHT If you want to, you know HAYDARDA Yeng count OYA HAND DOOR HALL lit then gently throwing light switch by pushing EVEN halves closed .. OYA MEYDANDAYDI burned engraved SLOW SLOW LIGHT BODY swinging naked, sit on a chair were walking in the opposite Heydar engraved DEPOSIT per TÜL sitting in front of your hips slightly AZ Heydar ended BELOW TO FIX SEAT AMCIK leaned up your ass naked ALREADY BUT TRUE THOUGH per scraped correct turning LUNCH OYA sat in the chair. . OVERNIGHT seats this almost sat down and squeezing her legs around his waist LIKE HANGING AMINI SIYRILMIŞTI OYA Haydaran-EE MALATYA fortunes of ALIŞTINIZMI CHATTING WITH HOW WELL AS OUR NEIGHBOR began HAYDAR had not received a lot of shit out EYES BUT ALWAYS JUST CHAT putting his hand under his head engraved DİKELMİŞ UPPER BODY WAS IN BED SIDE HAYDAR BARE lay .. AMI legs COMPLETE ONE LOOKS AFTER OPENING Oyada KAPIYORZATEN

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